The Second three storied building adjacent to the one described is meant for both administrations and academic purposes. The carpet area of the this building is around 12,000 sqft. Thus, the total area covered by the three stories of the building is a little more than 36,000 sqft.


Just besides the building indicated above, there are two-three storied buildings meant purely for academic purposes. The carpet area of this building is nearly 15,000 sqft. Accordingly, the total area covered by this building is little more than 43,000 sqft.

The other fully air-conditioned three storied semi-circle building is developed with latest architectural designing and furnishing. The ground floor of the ­building is occupied by library, the 2nd Floor is meant for mega computer lab. The first Floor contains fully furnished four quasi-circle class rooms.


Immediately after entering the SHEPA gate, visitors are greeted by a magnificent three storied building containing the parking place, virtual class rooms. Lecture theaters and mega auditorium.

There is an underground parking spread over more than 6000 sqft It offers very comfortable parking facility to the students, staff and respectable visitors of SHEPA.


The 1st Floor of the building is beautified by a fully air-conditioned auditorium spread over an area of more than 6000 sqft. It is capable of accommodating more than 600 audiences. The whole auditoriums is pillar less and exhibit an awe inspiring architectural design. The furniture an fittings do really add enormous value to the beauty of the auditorium. It is also fully equipped with LCD projector and dynamic sound system. The listing arrangements in the auditorium give a special look and make the environment more smoothing and pleasing. It is commonly used for holding seminars conferences, workshops, guest lectures, cultural programmes, and management development programmes.


The ground floor of the building is fully air-conditioned and contains a big fully equipped virtual room and two big lecture theaters displaying the beauty of most modern architecture. The unique setting and furnishing of both the virtual class room and the lecture theaters leave unforgettable impression of the minds of the visitors. Virtual class room is normally used for management development programmes through e-Iearning, lectures theaters meant for holding guest lectures executive development programmes etc.


With a view to developing total personality of the students SHEPA undertakes many activities such as Yoga, Quiz contents, Debate, Group Discussion, Games and Cultural Programmes. The students are motivated to participate in these activities which aim at physical and mental fitness, development of body language and creation of the sense of co­existence and brotherhood. They also help in shaping the behaviour and attitude of the students. Yoga classes are also held for making the students free from tension and stress and improving their concentration power which adds to the quality of learning at present and the ‘quality of life’ in due course.


A Medical Practitioner attends the students of the two institutes of SHEPA and the residents of hostels on a regular basis. Besides, there is a provision for regular medical checkup and counseling by specialists almost every semester.


A well furnished guest house is also available within the SHEP premises with round the clock electricity and water supply.



For canteen, there is a separate corner in the SHEPA premises. It is capable of catering to the needs of about 100 students at a time. It offers its services since morning till evening. Special care is taken to ensure cleanliness and quality of food. The sitting arrangements are such that the user gets the pleasure of a picnic.


SHEPA has three big grounds for outdoor games such as football, cricket, hockey, badminton etc Besides, on the rear side of the girls hostel, there is provision for outdoor games for girls. All the necessary items required for these games are made available to the students by the institution.


There is a big hall of above 3000 sq. feet in the academic building which is meant for indoor games such as Chess, Caram Board, Table Tennis etc.


The Institutes of SHEPA organize various extramural activities for the personality development of the scholars enrolled. These activities are wide ranging in as much they are directed at moral, social, ethical, and aesthetic domains and assure a balanced and harmonious development. There is a concern for promoting social consciousness by undertaking community based project, village uplift. yoga and meditation. There is also a Multi-gim space for physical fitness, which can be used by the students in different shifts under the guidance of an efficient in-house trainer.


Ragging is strictly prohibited on SHEPA campus. There is an effectively functioning committee which not only creates awareness among the students about the ill-effects of ragging and the punishment associated with ragging which ranges not only from a fine to expulsion but also extends to lodging FIR and taking positive measures.

For this purpose an undertaking is taken from the students and their parents right at the time of admission wherein they promise to kept off the ragging. Further, the committee, through its dedicated members has a continuous watch over the general behavior of the students throughout the session. With a view to creating a friendly environment, welcome function is organized immediately after the admission is over. Care is also exercised in the hostels and the playgrounds to make the environment friendly.

It is so managed as to infuse proactiveness of SHEPA in general and the Ragging Prevention Committee in particular so that no student would dare involve himself in ragging. Instead, the early organization of welcome function and frequent opportunity of mixing seniors with juniors in quizzes, group arrangements are made for discussion, cultural programmes, debates etc. This has led to create a friendly and family environment on the entire SHEPA campus.