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“If I look confused it is because I am thinking” – Samuel Goldwyn

When it comes to career, students have different mind sets. Some students are sure what they want to go for while others remain a little confused. We, at GLA University, understand the dilemma of every student.

We, both formally and informally, give career counselling to all the students before their final year of courses ahead of the scheduled visits of the corporate for campus placement. The career counselling cell is genuinely focused on understanding the career choices of students and advising them about the opportunities they can go for based on their aptitude, qualifications and market trends.

Career counselling cell plays an important role in the placement of students in companies of their choice by assisting them from the very first steping stone. It helps in student’s smooth transition from education to employment. Career counselling offers a host of benefits that helps prepare students and graduates for a successful career.

It helps students clarify goals, explore strengths, set expectations, and finally fit into a career of their choice. From discussing career goals to offering advice on best options available GLA’s career counselling cell has it all sorted. We, at GLA University, provide personalized support to help students pursue a career that meets their goals.